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What's On The Bottom Of Your Shoes?

Every time you wipe your shoes on a common doormat, you could be stepping into a reservoir of microbial growth. Think of it as a "convention" of unwelcome guests at your doorstep. This all season utility mat effectively traps and zaps the nasties keeping your home clean. Dr. Doormat is infused with an antimicrobial formula which creates a postive charge that starts to disable the nasty odors from microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, mold) on the mat on contact.


Finally! A doormat that can provide the first line of defense.

Why this mom took action

"It's about protecting your home environment..."

When my babies were crawling and playing with toys they put everything in their mouth and it never occurred to me until then that their world was the floor. I began to research the impact of house dust and other harmful elements that we track into our homes. I was shocked to find out that...

More About Why

Debbie Estis Greenspan

Dr. Doormat Founder & CEO

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Antimicrobial treated doormats help prevent microbes and dirt from entering your home!

How do microbes get in?

A substantial amount of all household dirt and harmful pollutants enter the home right on the bottom of your shoes!

The common doormat acts as a reservoir of microbial growth. Think of it as a "convention of grime" and unwelcome guests at your entrance.

More About Microbes
How can you stop them?

Wiping your shoes thoroughly (at least twice) on Dr. Doormat can trap and remove up to 90% of the debris from the bottom of your shoes leaving those unwelcome guests behind.

Dr.Doormat is infused during the manufacturing process with an antimicrobial treatment that permanently bonds to the fibers of the doormat and can't be tracked through your home. This technology is perfect for pets and children in the home.

More About Dr. Doormat
How does Dr. Doormat work?

The antimicrobial treatment is infused deep into the microscopic layers of the doormat creating a positive charge. The nasties are negative.

Dirt gets trapped like a magnet and through a physical mode of action starts to disable odors from microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, mold) on the mat on contact.

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